Our Staff

Payton Humpal | Co-Director | 7th Grade Coach

Email: [email protected] | Phone: (970) 631-7171

Payton Humpal just completed her first year as an assistant coach at Fort Collins High School. Payton helped with the Varsity and JV teams after completing her final semester at South Dakota School of Mines. While at South Dakota School of Mines, Payton also played basketball helping the Hardrockers to many successful seasons. Payton is also an alumnus of Fort Collins High School, a multisport athlete, and an excellent student making her a great role model for our young players.

Matt Hower | Co-Director

Email: [email protected] | Phone: (719) 337-5819

Matt Hower just completed his third year coaching the Fort Collins High School girls basketball team. Prior to coaching the girls, Matt was the JV boys head coach and a varsity assistant. In addition, Matt is a social studies teacher at FCHS and is also working on his masters, completing his degree in educational leadership.


Lauren Roeling| 6th Grade Coach

Email: [email protected]